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Welcome, Dear Reader, to the inaugural meeting of Sartorialists Anonymous.

My name is Ivan, and I wear a lot of gray. On behalf of myself and Messers: Kenneth Miller, Buddy Estrella, and Anthony Mikhael (who collectively wear far less gray than I do); you are invited into the collective of our clothier minds-- a cognitive entity best summed up as a blend of encyclopedic knowledge, stunning taste, unmatched skill, and Monty Python bits.

In these digital halls, we aim to create a community that respects the gravitas we bring to the subject of menswear. Are you the type that knows he must dress to a standard, but can’t be bothered to think about it? We will have you covered, literally and figuratively.

Do you ponder, for hours on end, the advantages of a Four-in-Hand versus a Half Windsor knot, depending on the composition and thickness of the tie’s inner lining? Welcome to your true home.

Both extremes, and all in between, will find value here. We will discuss a wide range of topics on the subject of dressing a man. We invite your questions and comments. We also invite you to stop by any time to say hello, have a drink, and discuss my addiction to grey clothing.

In style,

The Capra & Cavelli Quartet

The Sophisticated Shut-in

April 11, 2020 – (Video 5)

The Sophisticated Shut-in

April 7, 2020 – (Video 4)

The Sophisticated Shut-in

April 15, 2020 – (Video 6)

The Sophisticated Shut-in

April 3, 2020 – (Video 3)

Flicks On Fire #11

“In the country for dinner parties with neighbors, and especially in his own home, a man may wear a velvet smoking jacket, usually navy blue, burgundy or dark green, with a black bow tie, dinner jacket trousers and evening slippers. While this dress is acceptable for the host, it would not be right for a guest to wear this for an event with the dress code black tie actually stated on an invitation, which effectively means a dinner jacket.” – Debrett’s Handbook