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Welcome, Dear Reader, to the inaugural meeting of Sartorialists Anonymous.

My name is Ivan, and I wear a lot of gray. On behalf of myself and Messers: Kenneth Miller, Buddy Estrella, and Anthony Mikhael (who collectively wear far less gray than I do); you are invited into the collective of our clothier minds-- a cognitive entity best summed up as a blend of encyclopedic knowledge, stunning taste, unmatched skill, and Monty Python bits.

In these digital halls, we aim to create a community that respects the gravitas we bring to the subject of menswear. Are you the type that knows he must dress to a standard, but can’t be bothered to think about it? We will have you covered, literally and figuratively.

Do you ponder, for hours on end, the advantages of a Four-in-Hand versus a Half Windsor knot, depending on the composition and thickness of the tie’s inner lining? Welcome to your true home.

Both extremes, and all in between, will find value here. We will discuss a wide range of topics on the subject of dressing a man. We invite your questions and comments. We also invite you to stop by any time to say hello, have a drink, and discuss my addiction to grey clothing.

In style,

The Capra & Cavelli Quartet

Flicks On Fire #4

I thought it about time to introduce a purely educational clip into this series. And who better to educate us on style than a trio of musical gangsters. Musical gangsters? Yes, Robin and the Seven Hoods is a “B” movie at best from 1964. It was a personality flick that can only be enjoyed by those who are -I mean, were – slavishly devoted to the personalities starring in the film.

Flicks On Fire #3

“Everything goes past like a river and the changing taste and the various shapes of men make the whole game uncertain and delusive. Where do I find fixed points in nature, which can not be moved by man, and where I can indicate the markers by the shore to which he ought to adhere?” – Immanuel Kant

The Tuxedo: An Informal Guide to Formal Wear

Most well-dressed men know the rules and trivial guidelines involved with appropriate business attire. But when it comes to knowing the ins and outs of formal dress, specifically as they pertain to the black-tie tuxedo, all but the keenest on fashion etiquette are left feeling a bit perplexed. Unlike dressing for the office, proper formal dress requires closer conformity to the rules. Although you will want to make a statement, do so within the standards of taste.

The Sophisticated Shut-In

March 26, 2020 – (Video 2)

Flicks on Fire: Mr. Firestone’s choice picks for the sartorially inclined screen enthusiast (Video)

Bond… James Bond…

When contemplating where to begin a blog series on various films and media clips related to classic men’s style, it only seemed natural to start with a stereotype. Dr. No introduced Ian Fleming‘s James Bond character to the screen in the form of a well-clad Sean Connery.